Warriors of Freedom Memorial of Monroe County, New York

Warriors of Freedom Memorial

Warriors of Freedom Memorial Project

We are writing this letter as members of the Warriors of Freedom Memorial Committee. For the past several months, the committee has been meeting to discuss plans for the construction of a memorial in Monroe County’s Highland Park. The committee is committed to raising enough money to construct a Memorial that will recognize and honor the memory of service members from Monroe and surrounding counties, who lost their lives in US military conflicts from 1990 through our current times.

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To complete this project, we need your help. The committee is depending on the good will and generosity of individuals, companies and organizations to fund this Memorial. In doing so, our men and women will be remembered, schools will be able to visit all of the memorials in Highland Park, and the families of those fallen will be able to reflect and know that an entire community recognize the sacrifices of those who bravely served our country. The approximate total cost of the project is $300,000. All donations can be made through the Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment. (FLACE)

The Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment (FLACE) was created in 1994 to facilitate and stimulate charitable giving throughout the Finger Lakes region. The Community Endowment was awarded exempt status from federal income tax under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in Section 501(c) (3) on December 5, 1994. Documentation for tax purposes is available upon request. You may contact this endowment by going to: https://www.cnbank.com/FLACE. Please use the drop down menu to select “Warriors of Freedom.” You may also send a check to our P.O. Box. Checks are made out to FLACE-Warriors of Freedom Memorial.

Please help us honor those who gave so much for us with a contribution for the construction of this Memorial. Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm Regards,

Warriors of Freedom Memorial Committee
P.O. Box16381
Rochester, NY 14616

Chairman: Hector Sotomayer
Treasurer: Ray Melens
Members: Rita Hasenauer, Dan Hasenauer, Paula Burgin, Caroline McClellan

Email: wof@wofmonroe.com

Warriors of Freedom Memorial of Monroe County, New York



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